A downloadable game


Use the arrow keys to move, and Z for everything else.

(Enter skips dialogue scenes, used for debug only)

Hey guys! Thanks for being a part of this public alpha testing round. I'll periodically update this page with the latest version of the game, so you can witness it growing from a piece of junk into a fully-fledged indie like some sort of... plant

QUALITY DISCLAIMER: It's alpha, so it SUPER SUCKS RIGHT NOW. There's no sound. There's a comprehensive story planned, but it isn't in place yet. I haven't figured out my map tracking algorithm yet. The graphics have a long way to go, especially in the UI dept. Lots of temps. Etc etc.

Just a heads up, this thing isn't even close to being done.

Anyway, all feedback should be DMed to @WhatsUpWithTrav on Twitter, or Roottrav@msu.edu via email.

I seriously appreciate ANY feedback, especially bugs, confusing gameplay stuff, or realistic ideas for the future.

Once again, thank you so much! I hope you enjoy what I've made so far.


Leaps Year PA 4.swf 1 MB